How To Kiss A Boy For The First Time – Step By Step Tips

How to kiss a boy for the first timeAlright, so you just found the guy who’s exactly your type and you would so love to kiss him. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you prepare to kiss him. Follow our step by step guide on how to kiss a boy for the first time and you will be a pro at kissing any guy, anytime you like.

1. Fresh Breath. That’s the most important part. Keep your breath fresh since bad breath is a big turn off, and he may never want to kiss you again. Keep a pack of lifesavors or mints with you at all times and make sure to brush and mouthwash whenever you plan on meeting him.

2. Follow the signals. You have to be sure that he is ready to kiss if you plan on making the first move. Look him in his eyes and then when your gazes are locked in, look at his lips and then back again. If he follows suite and looks at your lips as well, then you know he is ready as well. If he doesn’t reciprocate as well, then it’s best to give it some more time.

3. Break the touch barrier. Try initiate touching by holding his hands or touching his face and hair. This will make him feel wanted.

4. Time it up. Once you start kissing for the first time, go for a gentle open lip kiss, with lips slightly parted. Don’t go for a French kiss right away and do not make it last too long for the first time. 5 seconds to start off, is good. You can make it longer subsequently, and not to mention, more passionate.

5. Position your hands properly. As you kiss, put your hands on his hips, or on his neck or face. If he puts his hands on your waist or around your back as well, then it’s a sure sign that he likes you too.

6. Choose a proper location. Your first kiss should be someplace private with no interference from anyone or anything. Don’t do it in public or in front of friends where your minds may not be solely on the kiss itself making it not-so-fun.

7. Keep your lips moist. Dry lips grinding together not very likeable. You can wear a light lip balm (try to use something without any flavor as he may not like it). Lip-balms or lipsticks should be avoided especially when you are anticipating your first kiss. You could even lick your lips lightly (don’t over do it) to keep them moist, as well as give him the indication that you are ready for a kiss!

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