How To Kiss A Girl Quickly

How to kiss a girl quicklySome of the most common issues guys tend to face when looking forward to kissing their girls includes being able to judge if the girl is ready as well, and whether it is the right time. These apprehensions are discussed in detail in the article- How To Kiss a Girl.

On the other hand, there will be times when you would want to know how to kiss a girl quickly with no time to lose. Here are some tips that can help you get your kiss when time is available at premium.

Break the physical barrier first.

One of the biggest reasons why most guys don’t succeed in getting their girl to kiss is that they try to kiss them before even initiating a physical touch. Ok, you are in a hurry, but it’s better to be slightly late in getting there than not getting there at all.

Try and look for an opportunity to hold your girl’s hands, or hug her playfully, or even get an excuse to dance with her. This is the first step to getting your kiss.

Get up close and personal.

As the next step toward getting to kiss her, start speaking to her softly while getting closer to her. Notice her reactions- whether she begins to lean in as well or tries to back away. If she’s leaning in to you, she’s interested in you and your kiss is just around the corner.

Get the signals right.

This is something you can’t be taught, really. Some of it comes with experience, most of it comes naturally. When it’s time to kiss her, you can feel it in the air between the two of you. If something inside you says, “Should I kiss her now?”, then yes, you probably should! You may be wrong sometimes, but you can fine tune it over time.

Step it up slowly.

Do not go in for a full blown make-out style of a kiss right away. She might push you away. Instead, start out with just a little peck on the lips. Slowly increase the frequency and the durations of your kisses. See where things lead from there. Be sensitive to her feelings as well.

Keep it playful.

Don’t make it into a serious, heavy moment. Keep things simple and fun, since the more fun things are, the less logical they appear. Enjoy the moment without giving a lot of thought to the future.

The move from one ear to another.

This is a sure-shot manner of discerning if she is ready for a kiss. Whisper softly into her ear and then move to the other ear after some time. If she doesn’t back away, all’s clear- swoop in for the kiss.

Finally, use privacy.

As always, make sure you are in a private place with nothing to keep her mind away from the situation. Ideally, there should be no one around when you kiss so that she feels comfortable at all times.

Alright, so hopefully you now know how to make the best use of your available time and that you can employ some of these techniques toyours quickly out of the way. Finally, enjoy this nice video on some more kissing tips (yeah, they just don’t seem to get over):

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